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Why Fl1p?

I believe that everyone should have access to information that makes sense to them. It should be consumable in multiple formats to allow for language and cultural contexts, and be light-weight in file size and storage so it can be available in low/no connectivity locations, and usable on low cost devices.

I personally struggle to read and retain (i.e. learn) large amounts of text, and I find watching long videos a little boring. If it was just me, that would be ok. However, I’ve worked with low literacy students who were unable to successfully complete traditional learning because it was in the wrong format. And I’ve watched people close to me struggle through University video and zoom lectures during COVID.

There’s something about the format that makes it consumable and memorable for the individual. And there’s something about multiple formats all in one space that make it accessible to wider audiences, and more consumable and memorable. And that’s why I created Fl1p.

With Fl1p, we can share knowledge, do a check-in to see if there is understanding, and provide evidence of learning … all in one place.

Tim Danes – Director of Divers1fy

Where do I start?

Contact Divers1fy and discuss your platform requirements.

Once you have access to your platform, you can start small and grow a personal collection of Fl1p Recordings.
Or you can begin by acknowledging the larger stories, and contributing to them over time. Your choice.

Snippets of Me

Collate ideas and share your story, ideas and understandings through audio clips, images, and text.

The Story of Us

Collecting many snippets can create the Story of Us, leading to learning, informed decision making, and connecting with others in meaningful ways.

Share your snippet in bigger spaces. Communities, Locations, Projects, or Courses.


Provide specific audiences with curated content.


Create a collaboration space around one or more projects.


Share location-specific knowledge with selected audiences.

Public Communities

Education / Pedagogy
This example Community that has been created to pr…
This example Community has been created to provide…

Being a part of something bigger …

Fl1p is part of a suite of tools that have been created for LearningX, the Learning Management System (LMS) created by Divers1fy.

As a quick background, LearningX was designed from the ground up to solve some of the engagement problems for online learning and reduce technical effort for content creation.
Fl1p is part of the solution for deeper and more meaningful ways to engage in knowledge sharing, provide meaningful reflection tasks, doing check-ins with learners, and provide evidence of learning.

When you get Fl1p, you have the option to get it as part of LearningX, but you can also request it to be a standalone Knowledge Sharing platform.

When you get either platform, you will become part of a shared-development model. If someone invests in development for their platform, everyone gets the upgrade. This can restrict what options you have for customisation, but it can also greatly increase the options and tools over time.

On the right you will see a list of significant contributors we have had in the last 5 years. Click the logos to visit their respective sites.